Bassboots 100% Waterproof Fishing/Sailing Sallopette with Bib and Brace


Like our famous Bassboots Smock, our Sallopettes are lightweight and totally 100% waterproof.
With reinforced knee and bottom pads
Envelope Pocket
Ankle straps to keep everything tight around your boots.
No zips or metal popper studs that rust!
Made to last!
Can be rolled up to small dimensions to stow easily on a boat or tackle box.
Ready to wear in seconds for when the heavens open!
Ideal for boat fishing, sailing and even skiing!! (Not recommended for baiting).
We add on measurement tolerances for clothing and movement.
*Remove straps when washing

PLEASE NOTE: Our Smocks and Sallopette outside pockets are not designed to be totally waterproof so therefore do not put anything into these pockets that might be effected.

IMPORTANT: Find out the correct size sallopettes by using our size calculator.
RRP £120.95
Bespoke pricing – RRP £135.95 Sale Price £105.95
(4 week delivery)

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